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We are writing this letter to express our appreciation for all of your help. Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail is evident daily in our home. It was a pleasure to work with someone than earned our trust every step of the way! We are now proud homeowners and could not have done it without you. We are recommending you Easy Home Solution to our friends, family and coworkers alike. WE wish every new homeowner could have the stress free experience of understanding the process to purchase a first home as we did.

-­‐Daylan and Victoria, Home Buyers


“Working with Easy Home Solution is like a breath of fresh air. Rene and Atif always go above and beyond to assure all projects, communication are done with the assurance of honesty and integrity.   I’m so confident in these individuals that I fully recommend them to my friends and family.”

-­‐Pam Terry Amos, Investor


Dear Rene and Atif,

 “It was very nice working with you on the home upgrade contract. As a engineer and contractor, it is important to work with extremely professional and honest people. If I can ever be of assistance to you, in any of your other projects,  or if any of your other colleges need a qualified contractor,  My company and I work extremely hard to close each transaction on time, if not early. Again, thank you.” 

-­‐Calvin Smith, Contractor

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